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Southend-on-Sea Taekwondo (SS0): If you've been looking around Southend-on-Sea for some ideas for a new hobby, you may like to consider Taekwondo as a possibility. Practising this sport will help you to boost your confidence, learn a bit of self-defence, strengthen your body and mind and enhance your self-esteem. This more modern martial art has rapidly grown in popularity since being developed in the 1940's in Korea.

It has to be said that Taekwondo can be quite physically demanding, which might put off the older and less agile people in Southend-on-Sea from taking this up. To be fair, the most common participants of Taekwondo classes are children and the younger generation, but certainly older people who are in good physical health can easily take part and get benefits from this activity.

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Based mostly around kicking manoeuvres like rapid kicking methods, head kicks and turning/jumping kicks, Taekwondo was formulated from the techniques of different martial arts, by a group of Seoul martial arts experts in new schools called "Kwans" during the 1940's and 1950's. These "Kwans" had the names Songmu Kwan, Chungdo Kwan, Changmu Kwan, Jido Kwan, Mooduk Kwan.

Taekwondo has become extremely popular in Southend-on-Sea and all over the world, with more than 60 million enthusiasts worldwide. Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo is accessible to anyone, and signing up for your local Southend-on-Sea Taekwondo class or club is the most effective way to get yourself involved. There isn't any reason why you cannot reach a high standard in this exciting sport, even if you haven't any desire to compete in the Olympics.

Taekwondo Classes in the Southend-on-Sea Area

The thing about Taekwondo that seems to most appeal to people in Southend-on-Sea is the self-defence aspect of it. This is not surprising when you consider the rising levels of violence seen in town and city centres these days. The ability to defend yourself and at the same time exercising self-restraint and a respect for others is one of the key benefits of Taekwondo.

There's a pretty good chance that your newly learned Taekwondo skills will never need to be used in the outside world, but it will certainly give you peace of mind knowing that they are there should you need them.

Your First Lesson: Different Taekwondo clubs in Southend-on-Sea will have different ideas about what pupils should cover on their first class, but to give you an idea of what to expect most first Taekwondo lessons will include a warm-up, some sparring, learning Poomse (forms), an introduction to blocks, kicks, hand attacks and stances (technical training) and a warm-down to stretch tired muscles and return the body to a state of equilibrium.

Taekwondo Forms: Beginners in Taekwondo do not need to worry too much about forms (Poomse, patterns) at the outset but they will learn some basic ones to start with and progress to more complex forms as they move up the belts (grades/dans). A form is signified by certain aspects of Taekwondo including stance, direction and technique. Learning these sequences is an important part of mastering Taekwondo.

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