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Colchester Taekwondo (CO1): If you have been looking at taking up a hobby to achieve some particular goals such as to learn a bit of self-defence, enhance your self-respect, strengthen your mind and body and boost your confidence, Taekwondo could be a good choice for you. This relatively modern martial art only came into being in Korea during the 1940's and 1950's.

Taekwondo is generally a lot more demanding physically than for example Tai Chi, so unless you are pretty fit and agile you might prefer to find something a little gentler to improve your fitness in Colchester. Younger children are certainly the perfect participants for Taekwondo classes in Colchester, with lots of fast movements going on and plenty of high kicking.

Taekwondo Colchester Essex

The name Taekwondo was only coined in the 1950's, although the discipline began life in Korea in 1945. In Seoul, a group of Korean martial arts devotees established some innovative new schools which they called "kwans", practicing a combination of martial arts techniques. This later became known as Taekwondo and the primary emphasis of the discipline was on kicking movements, especially spinning/jumping kicks, rapid kicking techniques and head-height kicks. These days Colchester Taekwondo classes stick to this tradition.

The total number of Taekwondo practitioners worldwide, now exceeds 60 million. If you want to get involved in this activity, which is now an Olympic sport, joining a Taekwondo club or class in Colchester is a good place to start. While the chances of you getting to Olympic standard are pretty slim, there is no reason at all why you cannot master this thrilling martial art.

A key aspect of Taekwondo is self-defence, and of course this is one of the main reasons that people in Colchester join classes and take up the sport. There has been a worrying increase in violent behaviour in recent years and this is especially prevalent in town and city centres around Essex and the UK in general. The beauty of Taekwondo though, is that it also teaches self-discipline and respect for others, not such common qualities in Colchester nowadays.

Your First Lesson: If you have booked your first lesson but have not attempted Taekwondo before, you will be wondering what to prepare for. The following will give you an illustration, but this could vary depending on which Colchester school you have signed up for. A warm up of fifteen to twenty minutes to loosen stiff muscles and increase heart rate, a little technical training involving learning some stances, kicks, hand attacks and blocking techniques, learning some Poomse (or forms), a few ideas on sparring including good timing, movement and targeting attacks, and finally a warm down to prevent muscle spasms and cramping,

The Eight Basic Taekwondo Kicks: One of the main elements of Taekwondo is kicking, here is a selection of the basic kicks: Axe Kick, Push Kick, Hook or Whip Kick, Back Kick, Crescent Kick, Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick.

The United Kingdom governing body of the sport is British Taekwondo and if you would like to sign up with a Taekwondo club in Colchester, you'll also be required to become a member of this organization.

Safety Equipment: In all matches, events and competitions being staged under the auspices of British Taekwondo, safety gear such as a groin guard, a mouth protector, forearm guards, a red/blue head guard, shin guards, a red or blue body guard (hogu) and hand protectors is mandatory. The kicking tactics used in Taekwondo can cause injury and this all helps to make the sport safer for its competitors.

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