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Loughton Taekwondo (IG10): A Korean martial art that was developed during the 1940's, Taekwondo has continued to grow in popularity since then. If you would like to bolster your self-respect, boost your confidence, strengthen your mind and body and learn self-defence, Taekwondo might be just the activity for you.

Taekwondo is generally a lot more demanding physically than for example Tai Chi, so unless you are pretty fit and agile you might prefer to find something a little gentler to improve your fitness in Loughton. Younger children are certainly the perfect participants for Taekwondo classes in Loughton, with lots of fast movements going on and plenty of high kicking.

Taekwondo Loughton

Taekwondo is one of the more recently introduced of the martial arts, with its origins in Korea in 1945. In Seoul, a group of Korean martial arts fanatics set up some innovative new schools which they called "kwans", practicing a blend of martial arts techniques. This eventually became known as Taekwondo and the main emphasis of the discipline was on kicking manoeuvres, in particular jumping/turning kicks, head-height kicks and rapid kicking techniques. Nowadays Loughton Taekwondo classes abide by this tradition.

Taekwondo now has over 60 million practitioners worldwide and has become extremely popular in Loughton and throughout the United Kingdom. Since the Sydney Games (2000) Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport and if you want to give it a bash, joining a local Loughton Taekwondo club or class is a great way to get involved. There isn't any reason why you cannot reach a high standard in this exhilarating sport, even if you've got no desire to compete in the Olympics.

Loughton Taekwondo Classes

It is the self-defence element of Taekwondo that generally is the most appealing to people in Loughton. This is not a surprise when you take into account the ever rising levels of violence seen in town centres nowadays. It's a key factor of Taekwondo that you can be confident in your ability to defend yourself and at the same time exercise self-restraint and respect others.

While it will give you peace of mind knowing that you have these self-defence skills in your locker, the chances are that you'll never need to use them outside of an organized Taekwondo class.

What to Expect From Your First Lesson: If you decide to register for a Taekwondo class in Loughton, the first thing you will want to know is what will happen on the first class and what will the tutor be expecting of you. Different Taekwondo masters in Loughton will compile differing routines for this initial lesson but you can expect to do a 15 minute warm-up to get the blood flowing and loosen your muscles, learn a few forms (Poomse), cover some technical training (stances, kicks, blocks), do a bit of sparring, and lastly warm-down.

Anyone wishing to join a Taekwondo club in Loughton must also register with British Taekwondo which is the governing body of the sport in the United Kingdom.

Taekwondo Lessons Loughton EssexTaekwondo - The Benefits: You will probably be interested to learn about exactly what sort of benefits might be gained by attending Loughton Taekwondo classes and participating fully in its activities. You can expect to: Lessen stress and anxiety by doing deep breathing exercises, Beef up your confidence by helping you to take control of your life and succeed, Develop self-discipline by extensively training your body and mind in the techniques and principles of Taekwondo, Strengthen your body and mind by way of accelerated physical coordination and mental discipline, Improve self-esteem and concentration by sharpening your mental and physical fitness, Teach you self-defence by showing you how to recognise circumstances in which self-defence could be required, and allowing you to turn these kinds of scenarios in your favour, Augment agility, flexibility and stamina by means of extreme cardiovascular exertion.

Taekwondo Patterns (Forms): Taekwondo forms (also known as patterns or Poomse) are identified by certain facets such as technique, stance and direction. From the outset you will learn some of the basic forms, and in order to progress through the grades (belts) you will need to learn some more advanced ones.

Taekwondo Tournaments and Competitions: A typical Taekwondo competition incorporates patterns (forms), sparring and breaking, in the Olympics only sparring is involved. That being said there may also be some special events in certain tournaments such as self-defence and team demonstrations. WT (World Taekwondo) competitions are purely soft-contact affairs, while ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) competitions allow some hand attacks to the head. There are also some multi-discipline competitions.

Taekwondo Beginners Classes: Students starting out on their Taekwondo adventure in Loughton will at first sign up for a beginners class. Beginners classes are great, because there is no pressure and everything is done at a slow, relaxed pace. Learning and having fun are the main aims in the beginning and students who are having fun tend to learn much faster and absorb more of what they are being taught. Even Taekwondo masters started out as clueless novices, so take that first step and who knows where you will end up!

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