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Fleetwood Taekwondo (FY7): If you've been looking at taking up a hobby to achieve some particular goals such as to learn some self-defence moves, enhance your self-esteem, build your confidence and strengthen your body and mind, Taekwondo could be just the sport for you. This more modern martial art has quickly become popular since being developed in the 1940's in Korea.

It has to be said that Taekwondo can be quite physically demanding, which might put off the older and less agile people in Fleetwood from taking this up. To be fair, the most common participants of Taekwondo classes are children and the younger generation, but certainly older people who are in good physical health can easily take part and get benefits from this activity.

Taekwondo Fleetwood

Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly consists of kicking manoeuvres, in particular rapid kicking strategies, jumping/turning kicks and head kicks. It began in Seoul, in southern Korea during the 1940's, when a group of martial arts specialists founded schools called "kwans", which blended various martial arts techniques.

With over 60 million enthusiasts around the world and quite a few in Fleetwood, Taekwondo has become extremely popular. Heading along to your local Taekwondo club or class in Fleetwood is an easy way to get involved with this activity which is now an Olympic sport. While the likelihood of you getting to Olympic standard are fairly slim, there isn't any reason at all why you can't master this thrilling martial art.

People in Fleetwood take up Taekwondo for many reasons but it is the self-defence aspect that appeals to most. And in these days of increased violence, especially in town and city centres, it is no surprise that this features high on people's list of priorities. Being able to defend yourself is a key factor of Taekwondo, but this is tempered by learning self-restraint and a respect for others.

Your First Lesson: If Taekwondo is not something that you've ever done before, you will doubtless be wondering what to expect from your first class should you decide to sign up. Different Taekwondo schools in Fleetwood have different ideas about this but roughly; you will take part in a 15-20 minute warm-up, you will do a bit of technical training, you will learn some forms, you will practice sparring techniques and finally you will warm-down to get your body back into a state of relaxation.

Taekwondo Kicks: Taekwondo is renowned for its wide variety of kicks, more than any other martial art. Here are just a few: Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi), Whip or Hook Kick (Huryeo Chagi), Back Kick (Dwo Chagi), Front Kick (Ap Chagi), Push Kick (Meereo Chagi), Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi), Side Kick (Yeop Chagi).

Any individual who joins a Taekwondo club in Fleetwood must also register with British Taekwondo which is the governing body of the sport in the United Kingdom.

Taekwondo Forms (Poomse): Taekwondo forms (also known as patterns or Poomse) are identified by certain facets such as direction, technique and stance. From the outset you will learn some of the basic forms, and in order to progress through the grades (belts) you will need to learn some more advanced ones.

Safety Gear: Competitions governed by British Taekwondo rules require various items of protective gear to be used, these include: hand guards, a red/blue head protector, a groin protector, shin guards, forearm guards, red or blue trunk armour (hogu) and a mouth guard. This is important because of the powerful kicking attacks being employed.

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