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Horley Taekwondo (RH6): If you are looking for ways that you can learn some self-defence moves, bolster your self-respect, strengthen your body and mind and build your confidence, you might consider taking up a sport like Taekwondo. This more contemporary of the martial arts was developed in Korea just after WW2.

Because Taekwondo has quite high physical demands, it is perhaps more suited to the younger generation in Horley. That is not to say that older people cannot participate in this activity, but simply that there may be other martial arts that are more suited to the less agile among us. Tai Chi would be the perfect example.

Taekwondo Horley

Taekwondo is one of the more recently developed of the martial arts, with its beginnings in Korea in 1945. A group of Korean martial artists in Seoul established some new schools known as "kwans", combining various martial arts techniques. Taekwondo, which it eventually became known as, mostly involves kicking manoeuvres, especially turning/jumping kicks, fast kicking strategies and head-height kicks.

Taekwondo is popular with the people of Horley and with over 60 million others worldwide. Since the Sydney Games (2000) Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport and if you want to give it a go, joining a local Horley Taekwondo club or class is a good way to get involved. There is no reason why you cannot become a master of this exciting martial art, even if you do not aspire to Olympic competition.

A key aspect of Taekwondo is self-defence, and of course this is one of the main reasons that people in Horley join classes and take up the sport. There has been a worrying increase in violent behaviour in recent years and this is especially prevalent in town and city centres around Surrey and the UK in general. The beauty of Taekwondo though, is that it also teaches self-discipline and respect for others, not such common qualities in Horley nowadays.

Your First Taekwondo Lesson: If you have never done Taekwondo before you may be a little concerned as to what to expect on your first lesson. This will vary from school to school but will usually involve some or all of the following. A 15-20 minute warm up to increase heart rate and loosen muscles, some technical training involving learning some stances, hand attacks, blocks and kicks, learning some forms (or Poomse), an introduction to sparring including movement, timing and the targeting of attacks, and lastly a warm down to relax and stretch tired muscles.

Taekwondo - The Benefits: When signing up for Taekwondo classes in Horley you will be hoping to get some benefits to make the whole thing worthwhile. So let's look at a few of the benefits that you might gain by learning and practicing Taekwondo. Better discipline by comprehensively educating your body and mind in the strategies and principles of Taekwondo, Supercharge agility, stamina and flexibility by way of intensive cardiovascular work-outs, Teach self-defence by showing you how to understand scenarios where self-defence might be required, and empowering you to control these types of circumstances to your advantage, Strengthen your mind and body thru enhanced mental discipline and physical co-ordination, Build your confidence by encouraging you to take control of your life and succeed, Reduced stress and anxiety by doing deep breathing exercises, Increase self-esteem and concentration by elevating both mental and physical fitness.

Taekwondo Belts: In Taekwondo there is really no standardization when it comes to belts and ranking. It all depends on which style you are looking at, since there are so many different Taekwondo styles. They are however usually divided into two groups "junior" or "colour" belts and "senior" or "black" belts. The junior/colour ranks range from white to red, with anything from 8 to 12 ranks, while the senior/black belts usually have 9 ranks.

Horley Taekwondo classes can normally offer you Taekwondo for fitness, Taekwondo stances, Taekwondo etiquette, Taekwondo for children, Taekwondo for the disabled, Taekwondo for adults, Taekwondo forms, Taekwondo sparring, Taekwondo moves, Taekwondo patterns and more martial arts stuff in Horley, Surrey.

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