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Woking Taekwondo (GU18, GU19 and GU21): If you have been thinking of taking up a hobby to achieve some particular goals such as to build your confidence, strengthen your body and mind, learn self-defence and bolster your self-esteem, Taekwondo could be just the sport for you. This more contemporary of the martial arts saw its beginnings in Korea just after the Second World War.

Taekwondo is generally a lot more demanding physically than for example Tai Chi, so unless you are pretty fit and agile you might prefer to find something a little gentler to improve your fitness in Woking. Younger children are certainly the perfect participants for Taekwondo classes in Woking, with lots of fast movements going on and plenty of high kicking.

Woking Taekwondo

Based mostly around kicking manoeuvres like spinning/jumping kicks, rapid kicking methods and head-height kicks, Taekwondo was formulated from the techniques of different martial arts, by a group of Seoul martial arts experts in new schools called "Kwans" during the 1940's and 1950's. These "Kwans" had the names Songmu Kwan, Chungdo Kwan, Changmu Kwan, Jido Kwan, Mooduk Kwan.

Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo has over 60 million followers worldwide, and while you may not aspire to be an Olympic Games athlete, you can still join a Taekwondo club or class to learn what will no doubt turn out to be a fascinating and rewarding activity.

A key aspect of Taekwondo is self-defence, and of course this is one of the main reasons that people in Woking join classes and take up the sport. There has been a worrying increase in violent behaviour in recent years and this is especially prevalent in town and city centres around Surrey and the UK in general. The beauty of Taekwondo though, is that it also teaches self-discipline and respect for others, not such common qualities in Woking nowadays.

Your First Taekwondo Lesson: If you decide to register for a Taekwondo class in Woking, the first thing you will want to know is what will happen on the first lesson and what will the tutor be expecting of you. Different Taekwondo masters in Woking will compile differing routines for this initial lesson but you can expect to do a 15 minute warm-up to get the blood flowing and loosen your muscles, learn a few forms (Poomse), cover some technical training (stances, kicks, blocks), do a bit of sparring, and lastly warm-down.

Taekwondo Kicks: Taekwondo is renowned for its formidable kicks, listed here are the important ones: Back Kick, Crescent Kick, Front Kick, Side Kick, Push Kick, Hook or Whip Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Axe Kick.

Everybody who is a member of a Taekwondo club in Woking or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, is also required to join British Taekwondo, which is the governing body of the sport.

Taekwondo Lessons Woking SurreyTaekwondo - The Benefits: The benefits that can be gained by participating in Taekwondo classes in Woking are many and varied, among the most significant are: Augment flexibility, stamina and agility through intense cardiovascular work-outs, Boost your confidence by helping you to take control of your life and succeed, Lower stress and anxiety using advanced breath control, Better discipline and willpower by thoroughly educating your mind and body in the doctrines and techniques of Taekwondo, Toughen up your mind and body by means of accelerated physical coordination and mental discipline, Help with self-defence by training you to recognise instances where self-defence might be required, and allowing you to control these scenarios in your favour, Improve feelings of self-esteem by sharpening both mental and physical health.

Competitions: A typical Taekwondo competition incorporates patterns, breaking and sparring, in the Olympics only sparring is involved. That being said there may also be some special events in certain tournaments such as self-defence and team demonstrations. WT (World Taekwondo) competitions are purely soft-contact affairs, while ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) competitions allow some hand attacks to the head. There are also some multi-discipline competitions.

Woking Taekwondo classes will likely offer Taekwondo for fitness, Taekwondo kicks, Taekwondo for senior citizens, Taekwondo sparring, Taekwondo for beginners, Taekwondo stances, Taekwondo for the disabled, Taekwondo tuition, Taekwondo for adults, Taekwondo for kids and more martial arts stuff in Woking, Surrey.

Summary: What you get out of Taekwondo will be directly related to what you put into it (as is the case with life in general). Most of you will simply wish to meet different people, make new friends and improve your fitness, some may wish to progress to tournaments and competitions or maybe even the Olympics. But remember, we can't all be a Jade Jones or a Lutalo Muhammad. 👊

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