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Eastleigh Taekwondo (SO50): If you would like to learn some self-defence moves, boost your confidence, strengthen your body and mind and bolster your self-respect, an ideal sport to take up is Taekwondo. Since being developed in Korea during the 1940's, this more modern martial art has grown in popularity.

It has to be said that Taekwondo can be quite physically demanding, which might put off the older and less agile people in Eastleigh from taking this up. To be fair, the most common participants of Taekwondo classes are children and the younger generation, but certainly older people who are in good physical health can easily take part and get benefits from this activity.

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Taekwondo started in Korea in 1945. A group of Korean martial artists in Seoul established some new schools known as "kwans", combining various martial arts techniques. The emphasis of Taekwondo, as it eventually became known, is on kicking manoeuvres, especially head-height kicks, jumping/spinning kicks and rapid kicking techniques.

Since the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000, Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport. This has made it even more popular worlwide with some 60 million people actively taking part in classes. And it is by joining a Taekwondo club or class that you can begin your journey of learning this fascinating art.

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For many people in Eastleigh, it is the self-defence aspect of Taekwondo that has the most appeal. And in these days of increased violence, especially in town and city centres, it is no surprise that this features high on people's list of priorities. It is a key factor of Taekwondo that you can become confident in your ability to defend yourself and at the same time learn to respect others and learn self-restraint.

Your First Taekwondo Class: If you've never attempted Taekwondo before, you will be interested to know just what is likely to take place on your first lesson. This could vary depending on which Eastleigh school you go to, but will typically involve the following. A warm up of 15 to 20 minutes to loosen the muscles and increase heart rate, a bit of technical training covering some blocks, stances, hand attacks and kicks, a look at some forms, a few ideas on sparring including good timing, movement and targeting attacks, and to round off a warm down with muscle stretching and relaxing.

Taekwondo Belts: When it comes to promotion, ranking and belts there isn't actually any standardization in Taekwondo, since there are various different styles of Taekwondo which each have their own system in place. They are however similarities and they generally comprise two groups of belts "seniors" and "juniors", represented by black and coloured belts respectively. The senior rankings generally have 9 levels and the junior, between 8 and 12 levels.

Taekwondo Beginners Classes: It doesn't matter who you are or what you're capable of in Taekwondo, at one stage you were a total novice, knowing nothing and fearing failure. We have all started at that point and can only learn and improve with practice. Beginner Taekwondo classes in Eastleigh are the place to start that learning process and to pick up the basics so that you can gain confidence and move forward in your Taekwondo adventure. Most beginner classes are set up to be fun and friendly, offering a slow introduction to the basic Taekwondo principles and building a solid foundation for the future.

Summary: We can pretty much guarantee that if you take up Taekwondo you will improve your fitness, make new friends and gain more confidence. If that is all you get out of it, then all well and good, you can call it a success! We aren't all striving to be Jade Jones's or Lutalo Muhammad's, but those of you who are need to start with the first step. Good luck on your journey! 👊

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