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Torquay Taekwondo (TQ1): If you are looking for ways to bolster your self-esteem, strengthen your body and mind, build your confidence and learn some self-defence moves, you might consider taking up a sport like Taekwondo. Since being developed in Korea during the 1940's, this more modern martial art has grown in popularity.

Taekwondo is quite physically demanding, which means it may be considered more suitable for the younger rather than the older generation in Torquay. Its teachings of self-discipline and respect for others make it particularly good for children. It could prove too taxing for some older adults, but shouldn't be a problem for those who are already fit and active. For those people who take up Taekwondo when they are younger, continuing the experience into adulthood should not be a problem. The less agile of you might find that Tai Chi which is a bit softer is more suitable.

Torquay Taekwondo

Based mostly around kicking manoeuvres like head-height kicks, fast kicking styles and jumping/spinning kicks, Taekwondo was formulated from the techniques of different martial arts, by a group of Seoul martial arts experts in new schools called "Kwans" during the 1940's and 1950's. These "Kwans" had the names Songmu Kwan, Chungdo Kwan, Changmu Kwan, Jido Kwan, Mooduk Kwan.

Now an Olympic sport, Taekwondo has over 60 million followers worldwide, and while you may not aspire to be an Olympic Games athlete, you can still join a Taekwondo club or class to learn what will no doubt turn out to be a fascinating and rewarding activity.

Torquay Taekwondo Classes

For the people of Torquay who wish to learn a martial art, a top priority is the aspect of self-defence. Since this is a key principle of Taekwondo, it is easy to see the appeal of this particular sport. With the added bonus of learning self-restraint and having a deep respect for others, signing up for a local Torquay Taekwondo class seems to be a no brainer.

Your First Class: If you have never done Taekwondo before you may be a little concerned as to what to expect on your first lesson. This will vary from school to school but will usually involve some or all of the following. A 15-20 minute warm up to increase heart rate and loosen muscles, some technical training involving learning some stances, hand attacks, blocks and kicks, learning some forms (or Poomse), an introduction to sparring including movement, timing and the targeting of attacks, and lastly a warm down to relax and stretch tired muscles.

The Eight Basic Taekwondo Kicks: One of the main features of Taekwondo is kicking, listed here is a selection of the basic kicks: Back Kick (Dwo Chagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Front Kick (Ap Chagi), Whip or Hook Kick (Huryeo Chagi), Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi), Side Kick (Yeop Chagi), Push Kick (Meereo Chagi), Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi).

Taekwondo - The Benefits: There are of course many benefits to be had from doing Taekwondo and here are just a few that may be of interest to you: Help with self-defence by training you to realize scenarios where self-defence could be required, and empowering you to manipulate such situations to your advantage, Augment stamina, flexibility and agility through intense cardiovascular exertion, Lessen stress using advanced breath control, Boost confidence by inspiring you to take control of your life and succeed, Increase your self-esteem by raising your mental and physical powers, Toughen up your body and mind by way of increased physical coordination and mental discipline, More discipline and willpower by exhaustively educating your mind and body in the strategies and principles of Taekwondo.

Taekwondo Beginners Classes: With any sport or activity we have to start somewhere, and Taekwondo is no different. Even the topmost Torquay Taekwondo masters were complete novices at one point. So, what can you expect as a complete beginner at Taekwondo? Beginner classes should give its students enough training to teach them the basics and allow them to gain confidence as they progress. The perfect beginners class should be fun as well as educational, when people are having fun they are more engaged and will learn faster.

Taekwondo Safety Gear: Competitions governed by British Taekwondo rules require various items of protective gear to be used, these include: a red/blue body protector (hogu), a groin protector, shin guards, forearm protectors, hand guards, a red or blue head guard and a mouth protector. This is important because of the powerful kicking attacks being employed.

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