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Bedford Taekwondo (MK40): Developed during the 1940's in Korea, Taekwondo is a martial art that has grown in popularity in recent years. Renowned as a way to learn self-defence, enhance your self-esteem, build your confidence and strengthen your mind and body, it has been taken up by millions of people worldwide.

It has to be said that Taekwondo can be quite physically demanding, which might put off the older and less agile people in Bedford from taking this up. To be fair, the most common participants of Taekwondo classes are children and the younger generation, but certainly older people who are in good physical health can easily take part and get benefits from this activity.

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Taekwondo is a martial art that mainly consists of kicking manoeuvres, in particular rapid kicking methods, jumping/spinning kicks and head-height kicks. It began in Seoul, in southern Korea during the 1940's, when a group of martial arts specialists founded schools called "kwans", which blended various martial arts techniques.

Taekwondo now has over 60 million practitioners worldwide and has become really popular in Bedford and throughout the United Kingdom. This sport has even been included in the Olympic Games since 2000, and if you would like to get involved, heading along to a local Bedford Taekwondo club or class is a great starting point. Whilst noone would expect you to get to Olympic standard, you can certainly be one of the best Taekwondo exponents in Bedford.

While there is a lot to be gained by mastering Taekwondo, it's the self-defence element that most Bedford people find appealing. You should not be surprised by this, when you bear in mind the high incidence of violence seen in today's town centres. It is a key factor of Taekwondo that you can become confident in your ability to defend yourself and at the same time respect others and exercise self-restraint.

Your First Bedford Taekwondo Lesson: Different Taekwondo clubs in Bedford will have different ideas about what pupils should cover on their first lesson, but to give you an idea of what to expect most first Taekwondo lessons will include a warm-up, some sparring, learning Poomse (forms), an introduction to blocks, kicks, hand attacks and stances (technical training) and a warm-down to stretch tired muscles and return the body to a state of equilibrium.

Taekwondo Kicks: Of all the martial arts, Taekwondo has the widest variety of kicking techniques. Among them are: Front Kick (Ap Chagi), Axe Kick (Naeryeo Chagi), Crescent Kick (Bandal Chagi), Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi), Side Kick (Yeop Chagi), Hook or Whip Kick (Huryeo Chagi), Back Kick (Dwo Chagi), Push Kick (Meereo Chagi).

Taekwondo Forms (Patterns): Forms are a key element of Taekwondo and are essential if you are to master this fascinating martial art. Some basic forms must be learned at the beginning and more complex forms must be mastered in order to progress through the various belts. A Taekwondo form is characterized by various aspects such as technique, stance and direction.

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